The Lovely Bones

A drama filled fantasy flick that stars Saoirse Ronan, Mark Wahlberg, and Stanley Tucci. On December 6, 1973 in Norristown, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, Susie Salmon takes a shortcut home from school. She is approached by a neighbor, George Harvey, a man in his mid-30s who lives alone and builds dollhouses for a living. He persuades her to enter an underground den he has recently built nearby. Once she enters, he rapes her, stabs her to death, then dismembers her body. An elbow, the only part of Susie ever to be found, falls out of his bag as he returns home, disposing of the remaining parts of the body by putting them in a safe and dropping it into a sinkhole. Meanwhile, Susie’s spirit flees toward her personal heave. Watch how the story ends by checking out this video right here, no download required! Watch the full length version of the movie The Lovely Bones online absolutely free!