Helen Lyle is an affluent young woman who is working, with her good friend Bernadette Walsh, on a master’s thesis involving modern folklore. Her husband, Trevor, is a university professor, of whom she suspects infidelity with one of his younger students, and we suspect her home life isn’t quite satisfying, despite the fact that she seems to be very much in love with Trevor. Helen and Bernie have been interviewing numerous people about various ‘urban legend’ type stories. One young woman tells them a story about “Candyman”, a mythical being who has a hook instead of a right hand. The legend goes that Candyman will appear behind you if you say his name five times while looking in a mirror. As Helen reviews the recorded conversation in an empty classroom one night at the university, a cleaning woman overhears the story about Candyman and remarks on it. She calls in another cleaning woman, who tells Helen about the murders that have taken place in Cabrini-Green, the low income housing project where she lives. The people of Cabrini-Green have attributed the deaths to Candyman, as the victims have been butchered with a weapon determined to be a hook. The mention of the murders leads Helen to research it in archived newspapers, and she finds out the names of the victims. Even more intriguing to her is the fact that her own apartment building was designed exactly like Cabrini-Green; she learns that it was intended as another housing development, but eventually the idea was scrapped when the developers realized that the location was too desirable; Helen and Bernie theorize that the white developers relocated the housing project to a more forbidding area that would keep the ghetto separated from the rest of the city. Helen is aware that the units in her building are connected to one another through the medicine chests in the bathrooms; when removed, they reveal a small space that links the apartments together. Helen knows that Cabrini-Green’s apartments must be the same, and that the stories of Candyman coming out of the medicine chest could indicate a human assailant who had also made this discovery. With Bernadette in tow, she visits Cabrini-Green and finds the apartment of one of the murder victims; on the other side of the medicine chest is a strange lair, with holes in the wall and elaborate graffiti-style artwork depicting a large man’s head with a hole in the wall for a mouth. Helen is fascinated by it, as well as the fact that an altar appears to have been constructed there as well, with candy left behind as an offering. Watch the movie Candyman online for free in full length. Our website lets you watch Candyman online with no download required!